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Chapati Man food cart - spicy Indian food

Subfranchise Opportunities

Chapati Man NY, the street food, festival and event catering business founded in London, UK is proud to offer a fantastic franchise opportunity to export our award winning spicy Indian wraps across New York City and the rest of New York State.

Chapati Man was created by husband and wife team, Chris and Andrea Rai back in 2007.

Chapati Man has already secured major deals in selling the Franchise rights for London and Master Franchise rights for New York and Sri Lanka!

Be the first in New York today!

Chapati Man logo - food cart, Indian food

Having extended their fan base from all major UK music festivals to the London street food scene and into the chiller shelves of major multiples such as Morrisons and Waitrose, Chris and Andrea felt it’s the right time to bring their freshly prepared ‘festival-style’ wraps to boom the rest of the UK and worldwide.


Tejas introduced Chapati Man to New York City on Diwali weekend 2019 in Midtown East.

Why Chapati Man?

Chapati Man - blank logo - food cart, spicy Indian food

Quality Wrap Range

A range of wraps that are all about quality ingredients and an authentic Indian taste. The small but targeted menu of well-tested favourite fillings means a healthy choice and great taste every time

Chapati Man - blank logo - food cart, spicy Indian food

Brand Exposure

Customer footfall at festivals and events over the past 11 years – not including the city street locations and supermarkets, is over 5 million – these people have seen Chapati Man – the brand is out there.

Chapati Man - blank logo - food cart, spicy Indian food

Our Reputation

has grown considerably over the past 11 years as an outstanding event caterer. With catering awards and countless customer commendations, over this time the Chapati Man product and brand has caught the imagination of the consumer and has become increasingly popular with a growing customer base.

Chapati Man - blank logo - food cart, spicy Indian food

Our Locations

Our digital kitchen, located in East Harlem, promotes food security and provides fresh, quality ingredients at an affordable price.

Chris and Andrea’s aim is to make Chapati Man a worldwide brand and with their franchise model expanding internationally it certainly seems that there’s no stopping the Chapati Man elephants from booming all over the planet.

Chapati Man Blue Van - food cart, spicy Indian food

... Where Will Chapati Man Go Next?