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Food is how we show our love to each other.

The Story of Chapati Man.

Back when Chris was working in government, Andrea would make chapati wraps for him for lunch. The recipe was passed on by Martha, Chris' mother. At the office, Chris' coworkers would ask him what he was having for lunch, and after trying one or two or many they would ask if Andrea would make some more. Chris and Andrea shared their family recipe by making wraps for their friends and coworkers, who loved the flavorful fillings with the kick of spice followed by the soothing raita to tame the palate. Everyone suggested starting to sell these spicy Indian wraps.


New York Asian Film Festival started off in 1999 with a handful of friends whose local VHS store closed down for business. Naturally, the friends loved Asian cinema and with the local tape store closed they decided to just buy the tapes and ship it over through snail mail - no really. It would take a month, maybe two. When it was finally there, all the friends would get together and watch. The love of film and friends brought them closer together and inspired the idea behind the New York Asian Film Festival.

We show love to our friends, families, and partners every day. One of the most common methods is through cooking and serving food to our loved ones. Many of the films in the 2020 NYAFF Winter Showcase highlighted this, like Eat Drink Man Woman on Saturday afternoon which highlighted three sisters ever evolving relationship with their uncommunicative father or The Lunchbox Sunday afternoon which Chapati Man NY was proud to officially sponsor. The first Hindi language film in over 5 years at NYAFF, The Lunchbox showed a friendship emerge through cooking lunch for work for a stranger due to a mistake by dhabawallahs - a rarity given that Harvard verified their system two years ago.

Food is how we show love to each other. Valentines Day weekend 2020 was the perfect combination of food, film, and love. We are excited to partner with NYAFF again at their main film festival this summer. We look forward to serving more spicy Indian wraps and showing our love and appreciation to our customers, film lovers, and the city of New York.

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