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The Streets Don't Forget

Indian food in the United States and the United Kingdom have been conceptualized as a place to sit down and have a meal for hours with friends and family. While some opt for a high-end fancy cutlery vision, others water down the concept into a grainy broke-down vintage type (which Kolkata Chai Co. write about here - special shout-out to Desus and Mero). Both concepts fail to capture an important facet of Indian food that is often ignored: street food.

Go to any city in India and ask for the best street food stall. Each member of your family and circle of friends will have a different answer. Brothers argue. People cry. "You're gonna look at me and tell me that I'm WRONG?!"


We started Chapati Man NY because of the family atmosphere that Chris and Andrea have instilled since Day 1. They have welcomed me into their family and I have welcomed them into mine. But it goes beyond that. There's nowhere to get Indian food on-the-go. That's what we hope to change. It's not easy - the current pandemic highlights the major flaws in the industry from the profit gouging practices of major delivery companies that affect a razor thin margin in our industry to business relief programs catered towards established companies instead of focusing on small businesses.

But that is discourse for others. What's real is going around New York and seeing how quiet the streets are. How quiet everything is. The city that never sleeps has finally been told to take a nap. Being here for nearly 10 years, I know that's not how the city responds. That's not how we respond either.

Standing still when the world is spinning has its benefits. We have been able to look back and modify, test, change, and reflect on ourselves. There's a lot that we can do, but I want to follow the strictest guidelines while still being able to involve ourselves in your daily lives or whenever you crave spicy Indian wraps.

I'd like your input. Message me. Reach out to me. Now's the best time.

Tejas Vemparala


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